Printed wallpaper

Our floor and wall graphics solutions are used in exhibitions, retail, businesses & offices.
At AD Graphics we think that printed wallpaper can open your customer’s eyes by adding something unique to blank areas of a showroom. Why not wrap custom wall lettering throughout a demo area or use wall decals in a waiting room or in your office.

We can help you design and implement a theme throughout your interior space. We use a lot of different media for very specific applications.

  • Do you want your floor graphics to be permanent or promotional?
  • Have you got a large external wall to cover?
  • What can you do about this glass partition in your office?

We can help you to find the answer to all your questions and we’ll advise you on what’s possible and what products to apply to gain the best results. All floor and wall graphics and self-adhesive vinyls are laminated by default for extra protection.

Some of our products and services include; printed wallpaper, printed wall paper active glue, removable printed wall paper, self adhesive vinyl with matt lamination, self adhesive vinyl cut to shape, brick cast vinyl, high tack self adhesive vinyl with floor lamination, polyrafa (printed in one piece to avoid seams, max 3m high.) & signwriting.