Self adhesive vinyl printed vinyl the easy way to be seen


Printed self adhesive vinyl

Self adhesive vinyl is a fantastic product which allows you to cover any kind of surface with a printed film. A full range of product exists, we can mount printed vinyl onto boards like Correx, Foamex or aluminium composite but can also be used for your window manifestation on glass, vehicle graphics, curved surface, printed wallpaper, floor stickers or on magnetic media.

Printed Vinyl are divided into 3 large sections:


The monomeric Self Adhesive Vinyl

Film usually used for short term outdoor application, low cost and perfect for flat surface.
Life expectancy of 3 years.


The Polymeric Self Adhesive Vinyl

This Vinyl is more adaptable than the monomeric, slightly more expensive and less prone to shrinkage. Ideal for outdoor use with a life expectancy of 5 – 7 years.


The cast self adhesive vinyl printing

These films are for specific use as they are highly conformable, perfect for rivets or recess, they have an outdoor life expectancy of 10 years
Each of these category offer a large range of products, Printed Automotive Film , Printed Window Film from Printed Frosted Vinyl, Printed One Way Vision vinyl to transparent and translucent Self Adhesive Vinyl, Printed Wallpaper, Floor Vinyl, Low Tack to High Tack, Metalic Self Adhesive Vinyl, Printed Brick Vinyl, Printed Visually clear transparent Vinyl and more.
With each film comes a lamination which protects the print from scratches and UV erosion, these laminates have the same properties as the films we use to make sure that we get the best life span out of our prints.

This list of Self Adhesive vinyl could be a lot longer as you can find some films for every application so if you need some information about a specific product, please send us an email or call us and we’ll be delighted to help.